For months, Cardi B has been getting harrassed online for an older video that was making the rounds. In the clip, the rapper seemingly admits to having drugged men during her days as a stripper, taking them back to her room and robbing them. She has been accused of being a rapist, which she has ignored until now. The comments finally became a little too much for her to let fly over her head because this morning, Bardi unleashed a series of tweets defending herself and her past actions.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

"I let people go with this narrative of me for a long time," said the Bronx personality, acknowledging the whispers that have been happening in her busy comments section. "Not once did I say I put shit inside n***as drinks. I NEVER did that. These n***as use to get drunk, smoke maa weed party an hard and passed out. Never did I force n***as to come with me nowhere. Never did I fuck nobody. These Meb [sic] used to disgust me sooo for the fact people keep calling me a rapist when I didn't even kiss these men it's so crazy to me."

She went on to claim that, in the past, she has had to scream and run from men that got too aggressive with her. She says that working in the nightlife industry, she was exposed to a lot. All of her tweets have since been deleted but you can peep them below.