Cardi B is concerned about Georgia re-opening non-essential services too quickly after it was revealed that Governor Brian Kemp intends to allow hair salons, bowling alleys, gyms, barbershops, and more to open their doors at the end of this week.

As Georgia plans to re-open the economy on Friday, many people are alarmed since the United States hasn't even hit its peak yet in terms of the deadly coronavirus pandemic. This could be a health disaster waiting to happen and Cardi B knows that. Commenting on political matters more frequently than usual, the rapper has officially spoken out about what's happening in Georgia, urging people to stay away from their grandparents and parents for the foreseeable future.

"I just want to let people DONT GO AROUND YOUR PARENTS OR GRANDPARENTS! Once there sick and in the hospital wit covid you won't be able to see how and what they treating them with," says Cardi, commenting on Baller Alert's Instagram post. "They will literally have them die slow. They are not nurturing covid patience [sic] with the proper foods, tea to boost their immunes. STRAIGHT MEDICATION! Your parents, grandparents or YOU will most likely pass by yourself in a cold hospital with no physical contact with your love ones. HEALTH OVER CAPITALISM."

Say it louder for the people in the back, Cardi.

Do you agree with her take?

Cardi B