At the end of August, Cardi B found herself making headlines under some dubious circumstances. While the strip club should be a place for wholesome adult entertainment, two bartenders allegedly found themselves under the threat of violence, courtesy of Cardi B's goon squad. The women in question, Jade and her sister Baddie G, claimed Cardi ordered the attack after accusing Jade of having an affair with Offset; so the story goes, the beef stretched beyond the scope of an evening, with Cardi's "threats" initially being issued months in advance. Eventually, words turned to actions as Jade and Baddie G found themselves attacked, naming Cardi as the orchestrator.

Now, TMZ has reported an update on the ongoing case, claiming that Cardi will indeed be charged with ordering the attack, with potential misdemeanor charges of reckless endangerment and disorderly conduct. It should be clarified that Cardi will not be arrested upon turning herself in, but will have to appear in court. 

At this point, it's difficult to say what really went down. We've already seen Cardi B channel her inner Random Task from Austin Powers, taking her adoration of "bloody shoes" to the next level. It's not entirely impossible that things might have gone left. As Cardi has officially decided to cooperate, we'll be sure to keep abreast of this one as it develops.