Some things just have to wait. Ever since Cardi B was first reported to be pregnant earlier in the year, the singer's fans were already guessing what she and Offset would name their baby girl. From the looks of it, Cardi is about to burst and we will not have to wait much longer to find out about baby Bardi's given name. The Migos offspring is due sometime in early July, which happened to coincide with the date Cardi was scheduled to give her deposition in a lawsuit surrounding the cover art of her Gangsta Bitch Music, Vol. 1 mixtape. Because she's Cardi B, she used her pull to have the date rescheduled to better suit her.

According to TMZ, the deposition has been moved from July 25 to September 7, giving Cardi time to rest as she is in the final month of her pregnancy. In the legal documents filed requesting for the date to be pushed back, it was reportedly written that the performer is "in her final month of pregnancy and about to give birth," acting as the main reason for the deposition being delayed. 

The lawsuit stems from the rapper's GBM mixtape cover, picturing a man with prominent back tattoos performing oral sex on Cardi. The man who is allegedly pictured has spoken out, saying that he never consented for his image to be used in a sexual manner. Meanwhile, the "Bodak Yellow" spitter has defended her cover, saying that the tattoos do not match those on the man filing the claim.

With Cardi's baby due soon, what do you think they will name her? Will the new parents go for something traditional or is Cardi going to Hollywood it up with her first child's name?