Cardi B recently shared a video to Instagram that saw her sharing her opinion on the social media app and the platform's move to remove the number of likes a user can pull in. According to Cardi, Instagram should be more focused on the comment section "race bait" and wild behaviour people are instigating. The "Money" singer has now come through with another share that's more sentimental compared to her recent posts. 

Mike Coppola/Getty Images 

Cardi posted a screenshot just yesterday that showed the calendar date as well as the time of 11:11. The time, date and number play a significant role in the rapper's life since it's the day and year her grandmother passed. "Good morning guys ❤️My grandma passed away 11-11-11. I look down on my phone is 11:11. I know for a fact she watching me. Thank you Lord for them small little messages that let me know you real," she captioned the screenshot. 

In other Cardi news, she previously defended her parent's parenting skills after she caught some backlash for sharing images of her younger self smoking cigarettes. 

"I always told my stories tho so don’t let pictures with piercings fool ya. Anyways KIDS there’s a difference between ABUSE and being STRICT. My parents were very strict and I’m thankful," she posted. "Being strict it’s a form of love and protection. Girls around my age were growing too fast and I though I could fool my momma but boy o boy she be knowing."