Cardi B Releases New Documentary "I'm Here Muthafu*kas" On Tidal

Mitch Findlay
January 18, 2018 13:09

Get to know Cardi B in her new mini-doc, exclusively on Tidal.

Cardi B's rise has been well documented, and while she's currently enjoying the trappings of super-stardom, it's easy to forget about her difficult road to the top. Now, the "Bartier Cardi" rapper has teamed up with Tidal for an exclusive documentary, featuring an intimate behind-the-scenes look at the young star. In the clip, she reflects on her high school days, stating "where I'm from, the hood, people are not so open-minded. I remember I was going to school in the Bronx, people used to make fun of me. Everybody was wearing Pepe Jeans, leather jackets...I was wearing pink tights with pink skirts, colorful jackets with fur on the sleeves."

The majority of the clip centers around Cardi's experience at the Moschino fashion show in Miami, and can be viewed on Jay-Z's streaming platform. In the mean time, stay patient, as 2018 will no doubt see a full-length release from Cardi. 

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MUSIC Cardi B Releases New Documentary "I'm Here Muthafu*kas" On Tidal