Many people are enjoying a rare day off today, spending time with family, friends, or preparing to celebrate the holiday tonight. Cardi B does not lead a normal life and unfortunately, she spent this morning in court, defending herself over a legal matter that has been dragging on. By now, you've likely heard the accusations that have been made against the superstar. Two women claim that they were attacked while working at a strip club, blaming their injuries on Cardi B and saying that she was jealous over an encounter they had with her husband Offset. This morning, Bardi was in court and she rejected a plea deal in the case, agreeing to head to trial in the coming months.

JNI/Star Max/Getty Images

The deal presented to the rapper would have forced her to plead guilty to the charges. She would not have served any time in jail and conditions would have been set in place for the case to be dismissed. Cardi seems set on winning this the old-fashioned way though, going the long haul and banking on the fact that she'll come out victorious once the case heads to trial.

Cardi B is currently facing charges of assault and reckless endangerment according to The Blast. Do you think the rapper will end up winning the case?