Cardi B is involved in a lawsuit with a photographer named Kevin Michael Brophy Jr., who accuses her of using a photo of his tattoo on her mixtape cover without his permission. So back in April, Cardi participated in a deposition for the suit in NYC, which a judge recently ruled was to be made public, and boy was it entertaining. 

The Blast was able to obtain the transcript, which finds Cardi getting heated with the opposition for wasting her time during the lengthy 4-hour interview. Cardi was asked about her business in California, the use of the photo on her mixtape, and various other topics relating to her career.

When questioned about the mixtape tattoo photo being used, Cardi said, “I never really cared to, like see, because I didn’t give a fuck. I cared for me, and it was, like, all about me … I didn’t give a fuck about this tattoo. I didn’t give a fuck about none of that shit. So, when it comes to that, you need to go to the photographer, or whoever edited this shit, because that’s who did it --- clearly.”

Later on, Cardi would refer to herself as “a gangster” when asked about the image she was trying to put out there with the album cover. “I mean I am a gangster. Like, I feel like I am a gangster, like I’m a gangsta. You know? I’m a stand-up girl. You know what I’m saying.” She continued, “Like I’m not a pretty girl, or I am a pretty girl. But I’m not like this, this pink girly girl … I’m like the Buttercup, you know? There’s three powerful girls. There’s Blossom and there’s Bubbles and there’s Buttercup, the green one. That’s me. That’s who I am.”

Before closing things out, Cardi would go on to call the lawsuit nothing more than a waste of her time. She said, “Like, I could really be with my kid right now. Like, I’m really upset because I really have to be with my kid. All because of some bullshit trying to get money and then $5,000,000, Are you fucking kidding me? That mixtape didn’t even make, not even a million dollars.”

Cardi added, “I got real lawsuits with real shit, and I got to deal with this bullshit. This is four hours long taking away from my time, my job, my motherhood.” And with that said, the deposition ended shortly after that was said.