Cardi B whether you like to admit it, speaks the truth. There's a touch humility associated with the battles she picks and the ones she steers clear of. The BX rapper put fans on notice this afternoon, posting a clear and concise message about mental health. Cardi reminded fans to tone down the hateration in this dancery. On a bad day even the tough crowd is susceptible to criticism. For all her antics, and her willingness to snatch a wig from the rootdown, there is a moderate side to her every argument. 

Cardi B believes there's a real chance you the fan can send a real life Celeb into borderline insanity. We've seen it with Britney, Charlie Sheen, and even Kid Cudi who spent time in rehab dealing with a pressure to perform. Celebrities are in an unenviable position of having their every move catered to. But on the flip side, fame is demanding of a person's energy. Every skip and heartbeat is a performance, every interval a ready-made. A divorce from reality becomes more than a pernicious myth.

Cardi filled up her character quota in the caption next to the post, her disgust taking the form of a full-body costume: "Social Media have been the most disgusting place. It makes me question humanity and not only on celebs on other people and situations. I see people on here laughing and getting joy of other people misery. People be wishing for other peoples kids to be taking away from them. Be wishing that people career fail and fall not knowing how they going to provide for their family next."

The post has since been deleted from her account.