Among all of her gifts, cakes and dance moves Cardi B failed to deliver a freestyle that she said would accompany her 25th birthday. But don't worry, she let us know that it's coming soon, making sure we know that it wasn't her fault.

Taking to Instagram, as she usually does, Cardi delivered a message apologizing to her fans for the delay. 

"Hey ya'll, hey Bardi gang. I know ya'll mad at me, but don't be mad at me though," she says. "I know I say I was gone drop my freestyle on my birthday and whatever but like, you know what I'm saying, my label you know they got other plans. So it's delayed, but like ummm...yeah it's delayed. It ain't my fault though. I sware to god though because the shit is ready, the song is ready like it's wild. It's just like, you know, gotta follow some protocols."

Cardi was performing at the Pearl Beach Club in the Dominican Republic this past Sunday when a fan threw champagne at her and her entourage in an attempt to grab her attention. The tricked worked, but it didn't make Cardi happy as she paused her performance to put the champagne-thrower on blast. 

“Don’t throw no fuckin’ champagne cause we can throw these mother-fuckin’ hands,” she said to the crowd. “I don’t give a fuck what you payed for my nigga, you can see me in New York. I don’t care, it’s not that serious. But you not going to be disrespecting my fuckin’ people.”

The crowd cheered for her comments and gave her mad recognition. The next day she followed up her words with an Instgram post with the caption:  "My momma taught me to stand up for who you love and go to war for them if necessary. Sorry if you don't love yours like I love mines.”

Cardi loves her Bardi gang like no other.