Anna Wintour is not one to sugar coat. If she's a fan, you'll know and if she's not, you'll know as well. When it came to this year's Met Gala that was held on May 6th, all the hottest and most prolific stars hit the pink carpet to show off their Camp looks but one star caught Anna's eye like no other. By no surprise, it was Cardi B, who wore a red Thom Browne dress adorned with two $250,000 ruby nipples and 30,000 feathers.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images 

"I was completely in awe of the stunning dress that Cardi B wore to the Met this year. She looked unbelievable," Anna revealed to her self-helmed publication Vogue. "She could barely move, but it made no difference," the Vogue legend noted. "People parted like the queen coming through because she looked so fantastic."

Anna explained how beforehand, she had never seen Cardi look chic or original but that's all changed since her Met Gala attendance. "She rocks," she added.

“The inspiration behind it was feminism,” Cardi previously explained of her stunning dress. “This reflects the woman body, you got your little boobies, vajayjay, and your, if you see my back, it’s like, booty.

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