Last night, TMZ reported that Cardi B and Offset had put their differences aside, with the latter swearing off "groupie luv" and all its allures and pitfalls. Of course, many felt the reconciliation was inevitable, given Cardi's increasingly open lusting sessions, and Offset's earnest attempts at winning her back. Therefore, when TMZ claimed that the pair had gotten back together, moving back to their once-shared Atlanta house in the process, many took the story as fact. Yet Cardi, no stranger to keeping up with the media she professes to disdain, took a moment to poke holes in the narrative. 

"TMZ why ya be lyin?" laments Cardi. "I haven't even been in ATL since Christmas." Though her use of emojis suggests more of a weary frustration than genuine anger, one has to wonder if TMZ was merely putting forth "alternative facts" to begin with. Yet it's possible that the pair has indeed reconciled as initially reported, while setting up base camp at a different spot altogether. At this point, perception feels like reality, as Cardi's feud with the media continues to rage on.

Whether this means Cardi and Offset will remain separated is unclear, as Cardi never quite dispelled that particular line of reasoning. Either way, we hope she can find happiness in whatever decision she makes, for what it's worth. 

Image via HNHH