Over the Christmas weekend, hip-hop's latest power couple found themselves at the center of a full blown media scandal. In short, two separate videos leaked involving both Cardi and Offset respectively; the former was said to be from an alleged sex tape, while Offset's was footage shot from a hotel room with another woman, leading many to speculate on whether an affair had transpired. Seeing as many have taken to championing the couple, the news left many fans in shambles. And while Cardi didn't exactly seem phased about her own video leaking, she didn't exactly take kindly to the idea of being targeted by hackers.

According to TMZ, Cardi's lawyer, Scott Mason, is already looking into taking legal action against whoever was responsible for leaking the video. After all, they were apparently "illegally obtained," and as a result, her team has begun a full blown investigation in an effort to find the source. It's not the first time a female celebrity was targeted in an iCloud hack, and the hacker responsible for 2014's infamous "The Fappening" ultimately went on to serve eighteen months in prison. Suffice it to say, these types of things are seldom taken lightly.

As for Cardi and Offset, the couple ultimately seem unfazed by the whole debacle. Earlier today, the couple released a satirical "sex-tape" of their own, proving to their fans that all is indeed well. It's hard to say whether or not this will be the end of the whole mess, but either way, we'll keep you posted.