Cardi B performed at Drai's in Las Vegas and Broccoli Fest in DC this weekend. The appearances are her last scheduled shows before she takes a few months off to have her baby, which is due in July. One notable part of her performance came when Cardi addressed some "new beef." In a statement made to the crowd, she suggested that she's putting off any conflict until after she gives birth. "Yes, bitch, we gon' beef forever. Ever since I got pregnant, all of a sudden I've got this new beef," she said. "Every day bitches got something to say. Wait 'til I drop this baby, what's good? Bitches was talking crazy, watch when I drop this baby." She did not specify who it is that's been attempting to feud with her.

Cardi co-headlined the event at Drai's with Migos, where she performed "Motorsport" and more. Watch clips from the events below.

TMZ has also shared a clip in which a golf cart Cardi is being transported in nearly tips over. Add that to the report about Migos getting kicked out of a hotel after the show, and it seems Cardi's last performance was one to remember.

Cardi released her debut album Invasion Of Privacy earlier this month. The album's release was followed by her long-delayed announcement of her pregnancy, which she did live on the SNL stage.