Cardi B On Being Accepted By Fashion Designers & Making Instagram Videos

Jasmina Cuevas
April 21, 2017 14:04

Watch our exclusive interview with Cardi B while she was at SXSW.

We all love Cardi B and there may be different reasons why but we just can't get enough of her. And we think after this interview, you won't be able to either. The rapper/fashionista took a minute to talk to HNHH about her breakthrough, making Instagram videos and being accepted by fashion designers. 

Cardi explained that in order to get designers to accept her, she had to really put herself out there, "I'm going to buy their pieces until they want to work with me and then on top of that, I'm going to show them that a bitch could rock their shit." And when the going gets tough, she takes the high road, "Sometimes you cannot say 'Fuck them.' Sometimes you got to be like, 'I'm going to prove to you that I'm a fashion fucking icon.'"

Well there you have it, ladies, don't let your fashion sense be hindered. Check out what else Cardi B had to say about LaQuan Smith, IG and more. 

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HNHH TV Cardi B On Being Accepted By Fashion Designers & Making Instagram Videos