Cardi B has a lot of reasons to be #trending. Aside from the fact that she has a lot of loyal fans, she also has an even number of haters and her numerous tweets that are real, graphic and hilarious keep her name in people's mouths more than she probably likes. Cardi has previously tweeted the question "why am I trending" and posting screenshots of her name climbing the list of most talked people on Twitter. 

Because she asks herself the question so much, she's entertained the idea of making exclusive merchandise boasting the catchphrase. "Might just do “why am i trending “ Merch....who buying ?Ill get them shits done by Wednesday!," she tweeted. Another 

Cardi recently went on Instagram to explain to people why she joined the Migos on stage this past weekend after cancelling her tour. "I seen a lot of people like, 'Oh, didn't you cancel your tour? Why you performing onstage?' And it's like, well, first of all, you know what I'm saying, going on tour in different cities every day," she said. "That means I wouldn't be able to see my child. My child is in New York right now. And second of all, I only got on the stage for two minutes and I literally just rapped. When I go on tour and shit, I gotta put on a whole show.