Your social media timelines have probably been filled with Halloween posts but as a few Twitter users concluded: it's definitely more fun when you're rich. That has been proven time and time again whenever another celebrity posts their Halloween costumes. Whether or not they're elaborate, these celebrities are still putting in some time and effort towards how they'll put the 'Gram in shambles.

Brad Barket/Getty Images

Cardi B has been killing it this Halloween. Last weekend, she pulled off a sexy nurse outfit which she rocked when she joined her husband, Offset, on stage at Power 105's Powerhouse event. While it wasn't Halloween just yet, it looks like she saved the best for last. Cardi hit the 'Gram with a jawdropping picture of herself dressed up as Poison Ivy. Cardi's outfit wasn't just a flex for the season, it was also a thirst trap. With her booty exposed and hair that's drags on the floor, she simply let the fans know that she isn't Poison Ivy, she's Money Ivy. 

Although she's over here killing Halloween, she's also provided inspiration for others on this joyous occasion. She shared several photos of people who've dressed up as her, even a few people who dressed their kids up like Kulture but the person who takes the cake for best Cardi costume definitely has to go to Ellen.