School spirit is one of the most pleasant aspects of going to college or university in America. Sports games are packed with students that get fully behind their team with rivalries between schools becoming seriously intense. College is also a time where many learn more about themselves and their sexuality by experimenting either with one partner or with, like, everyone on campus. Cardi B is capitalizing on the college-aged hormones flying around, and we're not implying that she's left Offset to date an 18-year-old. The Bronx superstar has teamed up with Tinder to introduce the #SwipeOff competition with the winner getting a special prize.

The March Madness-style challenge is designed to get university students around the United States on their phones, swiping right and matching with as many people as possible. The schools that statistically use Tinder the most will face off head-to-head in a 64 university bracket challenge. The most right-swiped school will win an exclusive performance from Cardi B. Cardi announced the news on Tinder's Twitter account saying, "Dear 'Bollege' students, me and Tinder have teamed up for the #SwipeOff contest. So colleges, come on now, sign up for Tinder."

As if university students weren't already using Tinder, Cardi... Better get swiping because the competition ends on April 17. After all, you may meet your new girlfriend and get to take her to a free Cardi B concert to celebrate.