For the last few days, #SurvivingCardiB has been a major trend worldwide. There isn't a Lifetime documentary about the superstar rapper but some of her fans are irate at the double standard being exposed in some of her older videos. One clip resurfaced earlier this week where the artist admits to having drugged and robbed men during her stripping career. After word got to her that the video was making its rounds, Bardi responded by saying that she did what she had to do to get by. Not even twenty-four hours after her statement and we've already got our hands on another video of Cardi making some pretty outrageous remarks a few years ago.

Theo Wargo/Getty Images

The "Money" rapper can be seen speaking to the camera, detailing how she would get back at her boyfriend if he were unfaithful. "If you cheat on me, I'll be like aight. I'ma take him out, we gonna get drunk, I'ma get him all perc'd up and everything. We gonna have a good time. Get him super twisted then bring a bitch around. We gonna have a threesome and when he wake up, he gonna be like 'what the fuck' because the bitch was a tranny. I'll be like yup. Yeah we had a threesome with a tranny. Yup, a tranny sucked your dick."

It's not surprising to be watching another resurfaced video of Cardi B after the first one caused so much of a stir. Cardi has told fans that she's never claimed to be perfect or have a perfect past. She's working every day to improve as a person and expand her worldview.