Although suspects have been named and detained in this case, the outcry for justice for Lesandro "Junior" Guzman-Feliz continues. Jennifer Lopez likes to remind her fans that she is down with the people, that she is "Jenny from the block". The Bronx Native took a while to show support to the #justiceforjustin platform. People using the hashtag are aiming to bring awareness to the untimely death of the teen who was brutally killed outside of a Bodega in the Bronx last Wednesday. 

A week after his passing, J.Lo posted a clip from Junior's funeral with a short caption saying, "#justiceforjunior."Cardi B showed support early on, with a heartfelt caption. T.I. who is quite vocal about social justice spoke to the press candidly when asked what our communities can do to avoid these types of situations: "It starts with a dream[...]What you dream you can accomplish tomorrow will keep you from making [bad] decisions."Ebro hopped on Twitter to share some of his thoughts.

Monie Love also took to Twitter in support of the movement, posting a letter addressed to the New York City Commissioner of Consumer Affairs. The text asks for the store owners to be held accountable for "standing idly" while the 15-year old was dragged out of their shop moments before being stabbed repeatedly with a machete. It emphasizes the "good moral character required by law" that could have prevented this loss of life.
And this may or may not be Cardi B, but the support is appreciated either way.