It looks like Cardi B just added some more bling & jewelry to her collection. On Monday night, a couple photos & clips surfaced online of Cards B’s icy new chain, and boy did she come through drippin' on us.

In completely iced out fashion, the pendent reads “Cardi B,” while it looks to be drippin in red diamonds. And to add to it, the chain itself is a diamond-encrusted cuban link, which is frozen than a mother fucker by itself.

There’s no word yet as for how much this particular piece cost Cardi, but it has to be one of her most expensive pieces she owns. It was done by famed jewelry store Ice Box, who’s been responsible for pieces for Lil Yachty, Lil Uzi, Migos, Lil Baby, Famous Dex, and many others.

In fact, the clip that surfaced online finds Cardi showcasing all her icy jewelry on her at the moment, including her insane ring & watch, which could easily add up to cost a whole house.

This all comes just hours after Cardi & her fiancé, Offset, were spotted chilling with Sasha Obama at this past weekend’s Broccoli Fest.

Check out Cardi’s icy new purchase (below) and sound off in the comments.