Cardi B's year has led the breakout star to two major accomplishments: dropping a debut studio album and birthing a daughter with husband Offset. While she's clearly been hard at work with motherhood, it's understandable that her music career has taken a temporary backseat. Yet those who remember the Cardi B of the "Red Barz" era should know that her hunger isn't about to die overnight. It seems as if Cardi has once again felt the call of the booth, presumably after an extended listening session of Offset and Tyga's summer smash hit "Taste."

Taking to Twitter to get some hype rolling, Cardi pondered whether or not she should head to the basement studio and lay down some vocals for a "Taste" remix. While there's nothing fully concrete about her plans, they certainly caught Tyga's attention, who replied with several googly-eye emojis for good measure. Hopefully young Kulture can stay asleep long enough for Cardi to hold it down, but we can only imagine that the young family have their hands full.

There's no telling if and when Cardi's "Taste" remix will hit the internet, but at the very least, it's proof that we may be hearing some new Cardi sooner rather than later.