Cardi B's level of political engagement hasn't gone unnoticed by the powers that be in the Democratic caucus. Members of Iowa's Democratic party have invited Cardi B to participate in an upcoming speaking convention since she is conjointly scheduled to perform a concert in the Des Moines area in the month of May. 

According to the Polk County Democrats' Twitter page, Cardi B has been invited to pass before their membership base at a "reception of her choice" whilst she's in town for the Wells Fargo concert. The Polk County Democrats have successfully enlisted other high-profile "political speakers" in the very same capacity: names like House of Representative's Speaker Nancy Pelosi, attorney Kalama Harris, New York State Assembly member Grace Meng, and many more.

As far as Cardi B's non-political dealings in the Des Moines, state officials are over the moon at the BX rapper's decision to bestow the Iowian people with an event of this magnitude. "We probably won't get another opportunity like this in the next calendar year," Wells Fargo Arena general manager Chris Connolly told the Des Moines Register. Polk County chair Sean Bagniewski told CNN that Cardi B has yet to confirm or decline her invitation. The speaking engagement, if accepted, would certainly be the first of its kind for either party.