Cardi B is known for her tongue in cheek personality and sometimes out of pocket humor. While some may find her way of speech a little crass, the Bronx-native has made a name for herself using her larger than life persona. She recently debuted a new Facebook Watch series Cardi Tries where her made for reality television persona is on full display and her Twitter account also houses her most outlandish thoughts. The rapper most recently took to the platform to send a hilarious message to folks attempting to impeach President Biden not even 48 hours into his presidency. 

On Friday morning (January 22nd),#ImpeachBidenNow began to trend on Twitter after right-wing Georgia congresswoman and QAnon conspiracy theorist Marjorie Taylor Greene promised to file Articles of Impeachment against Biden before he was even sworn in as the 46th president. Although the articles were filed by the congresswoman, Biden will likely not be impeached anytime soon due to the Democratic Party controlling the House right now. 

Seemingly catching wind of the attempts to impeach the President, Cardi fired out a tweet Friday morning questioning the logic of the accusation. "How they trying to impeach Biden already?" she asked before hilariously adding, "He hasn’t even taken a sh*t at the White House yet. This just shows me how delusional and dumb people can be."

Like most left-leaning people, Cardi is on board with the Biden administration. Check out some more tweets critiquing Greene for her attempt at impeaching Biden.