It isn't uncommon for celebrities to use their platforms in a call for justice, and Cardi B is doing just that for a young woman in the Dominican Republic. According to reports, 19-year-old Yocairi Amarante Rodríguez had finished her shift at work and was making her way home when she was assaulted by two people on a motorcycle. Investigators state that the unknown assailants threw a liquid—known as the "devil's acid"—at Yocari that burned 40 percent of her body. Doctors also fear that she will go blind due to the attack.

Cardi B, Dominican Republic, Acid Attack
Dimitrios Kambouris / Staff / Getty Images

The sulfuric acid-based toxic substance is a well-known lethal weapon in the Dominican Republic, and Cardi is putting her money where her mouth is to aid those in need. Many other Dominican artists are helping the victim financially, and Cardi has stated that she will personally give $10K to anyone who finds the persons responsible for Yocairi's injuries.

Security cameras captured the incident, but the faces of the suspects weren't seen. "The patient is no longer seeing and it is likely that she will lose her vision," said Dr. Eddy Bruno, director of the burn unit at the Ney Arias Lora hospital in Santo Domingo Norte. “She is a patient in critical condition, with burns in 40% of her body surface, burned by chemicals. They are quite deep burns... We are doing everything possible that we can do for her, but I repeat that she is a patient in very critical condition." Check out Cardi's post and a news segment about the attack below.