While many have forged mixed opinions on the rapper so soon after her musical debut, Cardi B is looking to make herself a mainstay in the industry with her debut album. Expected to be released next month, Cardi has been hard at work, regularly sharing late-night IG stories of herself working in the studio until morning comes around. Her grind has been commendable in terms of her album release, choosing to sacrifice sleep and well-being for time in the booth, making sure that her debut project is exactly how she wants it to sound. The New York starlet is also pretty homesick as it appears from her recent tweet.

Life as a touring musician can take a toll on other aspects of your life, especially family and friends. Cardi is a true New Yorker, reminding people of her East Coast heritage whenever the time is right but she revealed that, because of the rollout of her album, she has not been home in a month. Cardi tweeted, "I haven’t been to New York in a MONTH!!I miss my my [sic] moms 😥Ya motherfuckers better love this album.😤😤" In a separate message, Bardi questioned how people can move between cities so carelessly as NY has a distinct place in her heart. "I don’t know how people can move from state to state. It's so hard for me to adapt to any place but New York." 

Cardi has been truly working hard on this album and hopefully, her effort can be noticed in the finished product. Bound to include her singles "Bodak Yellow" and "Bartier Cardi," her debut album is slated for an April release.