While she absolutely did not need to prove anything to the people doubting her financial reasoning to buy a new Lamborghini, Cardi B decided to make time for the haters this weekend. We showed you the photo that Offset and Cardi shared of their brand new Lambo's with Set deciding to cop a green model and Bardi settling on blue. However, as she said on her Twitter feed, these days she can't even get a new whip in peace. As a multi-millionaire hitmaker, Cardi has a point. Every action she makes will be met with criticism. She may not be obligated to respond to her doubters but she did just that when she pulled through with the receipts.

The tweet has since been deleted as it may have been a little overboard but Charlamagne Tha God reposted it on his Instagram as he was pretty interested in an unrelated charge. Revealing her Wells Fargo statement, Cardi showed her $548K withdrawal from a store, which we can safely assume in the Lamborghini dealership. Charlamagne was more curious about the $64.32 charge from Waffle House though as he wrote, "That half a million dollar plus withdrawal is cool but that 64 dollar purchase at Awful House is the real blessing."

Cardi kept a few of her tweets up, explaining that she actually settled for the blue color since the red Lambos they had weren't convertibles and that was a must for her. Imagine settling on a half-a-million dollar car. Cardi is living the good life, y'all.