Cardi B and Offset's relationship has been disastrous at times. Whether it be cheating scandals or divorces and break-ups, the past four years have had their rough moments.

But, the couple has been giving off good vibes lately, and have not had a dispute in a while. On Friday (Nov. 19), Cardi B visited E! News' show Daily Pop to discuss how fruitful her and Offset's relationship has been recently: "We went through some challenges. You have to learn each other better. I feel like I’ve never been happier … I feel like, not even with just marriage, but the family and unity, the friendship that we have. The ‘I have your back, you have my back.’ It’s never been stronger."

This sentiment comes a little over two months removed from Cardi and Set having their second child together in early September. 2021 has been a good year for the couple, as pretty much every year before now since 2017, when they first got together, included a scandal of some kind.

Around this time last year, Cardi B called off the divorce she had filed from Offset in September 2020. It was alleged that she did not trust Offset and wanted to teach him a lesson, but they did end up staying together.

The couple got married in September 2017, and four years later, they have reached a comfortable place with one another and have a beautiful family with two kids.

Do you think Cardi B and Offset will stay drama-free from here on out?