Cardi B knows a thing or two about first impressions, or maybe she doesn't but she really wanted to shine when meeting her daughter for the first time. The 25-year-old rapper was seen at Sula's Dominican Hair Salon in Atlanta on Monday, just one day before birthing little Kulture Kiari Cephus, and needless to say her hair looked on fleek - check it out here.

The necessary hair salon visit makes all the sense since Cardi was sharing with her fans that she was having a really hard time in the few days before Kulture's arrival.

What else are you supposed to do to treat yourself?

In other recent Cardi baby news, her supposed industry beef, Nicki Minaj, reportedly sent her a $5K gift basket in celebration of her newborn daughter. The boujee basket supposedly included "girly" items such as luxury seasonal clothes, an assortment of dolls, stuffed animals and a sterling silver rattle. Kulture's really living up to her name with this one.