On Tuesday evening, Cardi B took to Instagram to call out the New York Police Department for contributing to the shut down of her friend, Star Brim's back to school event. Apparently, the NYPD called the school whose location was being used to throw the school supplies giveaway and "scared off the principal", leading to its cancellation. The Hustlers star was understandably upset because, as she explained, her friend "was coming out her pockets just to help the community". Cardi emphasized her frustration by ending her rant by saying, “I just find that s—t so f—ked up. And f—k you and motherf—king suck a fart and suffocate on it. F—k you!”

The Bronx rapper has been vocal about her distrust of law enforcement in the past. Back in 2017, she went on Twitter to share her experience of an NYPD officer putting her in a choke-hold: “I can’t believe this cop put me on a choke hole just now s--- is crazy these NY cops don't know how to do they job F--- 12”. Also, in her sit-down discussion with Bernie Sanders that was shared last week, Cardi was keen on hearing the senator's stance on police brutality and criminal justice reform.