Whether it's a food product or some other type of commodity that you can buy, free samples are normally a doubled-edged sword of a situation. If it's a tasty treat, for example, you have to pretend to be interested in whatever is being sold in order to snag yourself a little bite to eat, or possibly several bites. This reality was echoed by Cardi B, a rapper who knows all about being real with her fans, in her latest sidesplitting social media post.

Sharing a meme that features Vampire Weekend singer/guitarist Ezra Koenig, Bardi captioned the image by saying, "This is me at Whole Foods trying out Cheese and I️n the Teriyaki spot 😂😂😈😈😈." Truer words have probably never been spoken. We've all been there, trying to engage in some of sort of genuine exchange with the person operating the samples kiosk, if only to conceal the fact that we won't be buying what product we just tasted or tested. You can peep Cardi's entire post below.

In other Cardi B news, the rapper has now equaled a mark set by R&B songstress Ashanti and legendary rock group The Beatles by having her first three commercial singles occupy the Top Ten stratosphere on Billboard's Hot 100 chart simultaneously. Her features on G-Eazy's track "No Limit" and Migos' "Motorsport" have been joined by "Bodak Yellow," the song that introduced her to a wide audience, climbing back into the category of the 10 hottest songs in America more than 20 weeks after it was dropped.

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