Cardi's known for a few years that her name will be worth a whole lot of money. The Invasion of Privacy rapper earned herself a major dub in her lengthy battle over the rights to her name -- something she initially filed for two years ago.

According to The Blast, The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has finally awarded Cardi B the rights to her stage name. She's been fighting to earn the rights to her name for over two years at this point which will now be used for "entertainment services." She initially filed the documents for it in February 2016 -- so technically it's been almost three years she first tried to obtain the rights.

The lengthy battle is mainly due to filing issues including Cardi B requirement to sign off on her connection to the name. The trademark filing was suspended and at one point, even abandoned, but fortunately, Cardi B's legal team worked their magic and acquired her the rights to her name.

Aside from receiving the rights to her name, Cardi B's been making a lot of headlines over the past few days due to Offset's grandiose attempts to win back her affection. On Friday, the rapper made a heartfelt plea for Cardi's forgiveness. However, he ended up crashing her stage during her Rolling Loud set (which marked her as the festival's first female headliner) with a cake and floral arrangement and begged her publicly to take him back.