Love her or hate her, the Cardi B train continues to roll unimpeded. Last night, the "Bartier Cardi" rapper made her first official appearance at the Grammy Awards, and left a considerable impression on those who happened to cross her path. First, she told E's Giuliana Rancic that she had "butterflies" in her vagina, and later, she took the stage to hold it down for a "Finesse" performance with Album Of The Year winner Bruno Mars. Unfortunately for Bardi, she didn't quite manage to land her first Grammy win; she lost out in both the Best Rap Performance and Best Rap Song to Kendrick Lamar's "Humble." Still, Cardi managed to walk away with a priceless souvenir - a handwritten letter from the legendary Bono.

In an Instagram video, Cardi gushes over the letter, seemingly left in shock from the gesture. "Oh my god, I got a fucking note from Bono," says Cardi, with barely suppressed glee. "He says I'm the biggest thing in Ireland! He knows me! He fucking knows me bitch! I can't believe it, I can't muhfuckin' believe it!"

Cardi also feels as if her and Bono have a connection, as both their names "start with a B"; it's assumed that Cardi is referring to her "Bardi" moniker." No matter how you spin it, it's still pretty unbelievable that one of the biggest names in rock music took the time to shout out an emerging hip-hop star. Perhaps Bono is more in tune with the culture than we may think - after all, he did recently collaborate on Kendrick Lamar's "XXX," a pairing that turned out undeniably dope.