While Cardi B has denied rumours of her drugging and raping men, she's never denied her stripper days and the possibility of having men pay for her finer things. In a new clip, Cardi B so graciously breaks down the different levels of having a trick AKA sugar daddy and the different kind of monthly allowances you can pull in. 

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

"A lot of you talkin' bout trickin' and hoein' but the question is, what level is your trick on," Cardi asked, as seen in the clip below. The "Press" rapper then goes into detail, explaining how "first-level tricking" will just get your nails done with maybe $200 a week. Second level tricking is when the man pays for your expensive purses, surgery, and rent. Third level is when you get Rolex's, diamond chains and cars. The fourth level is when he buys you a business such as a salon or a spa. Finally, the fifth level is when you marry an Arab and according to Cardi, you just inherit the wealth of the man. 

"There's levels to this shit!" Cardi ended her rant. Of course, Cardi didn't give any details as to what level she reached back in her day but for those curious on how to play the game peep the video below.