It was quite the breast-baring debacle for Cardi B on social media today (October 13) after the rapper accidentally uploaded a photo to her Instagram Story. Earlier today, Cardi bore witness to her unintentional leak making its way around various social media platforms before addressing the controversy by way of a Twitter audio post.

"Lord, why the f*ck did you have to make me so f*cking stupid and retarded," the New York rapper said in the clip. "Why, why, why. You know what? I'm not even gonna beat myself up about it. I'm just gonna eat my breakfast and then I'm gonna go to a party. Because I'm not even gonna think about it. I am not going to think about it, okay? Nope. No, I'm not. I won't, it is what it is, sh*t happens. F*ck it, it's not even the first time [this happens]. I used to f*cking be a stripper so whatever."

That explanation wasn't enough, so Cardi B hopped on Instagram Live moments ago to detail just how she was able to mistakenly share her breasts with the world. According to Cardi, she was laying in bed while speaking with her estranged soon-to-be-ex-husband Offset and they were talking about how she believed she bruised her lip. She wanted to take a picture because she wanted to prove that on camera, her lip looked swollen. 

"So, I'm taking the f*cking picture, right? And then I f*cking pressed—I'm seeing that it's loading," said Cardi as she mimicked being panicked. She said she then turned off her phone in the middle of the picture loading thinking that wasn't going to post to her Instagram, but she was wrong. She had Offset check to see if the picture went up and sure enough, it did.

Cardi attempted to have someone else delete it for her, but it was too late. The image had already been saved and shared, so there was nothing she could do about it. Watch Cardi tell her story below.