For the last few days, Cardi B has been staying close to her daughter as Kulture fights off a cold. The music superstar revealed that she hasn't been able to sleep, posting photos of herself cuddling with her baby on her Instagram story. The Invasion of Privacy artist is trying not to overreact but obviously, it can be pretty worrisome for a new parent to be tending for their child who is ill. 

Bardi updated her social media to include a brief video of herself holding Kulture in her arms, captioning the clip, "Second day." A mask can be seen, which has been connected to baby Kulture's mouth to help her breathe as her body fights off the infection. Yesterday, the artist told fans that she hasn't been able to get rest in over a day, saying, "I haven't slept for 24 hours and I've been team-working with my sister and my mom. My baby has a cold."

Obviously, a common cold may not seem like cause to worry but in babies, it can often lead to more serious illnesses. Cardi B recently returned from New Zealand and Australia and she appears to have put her busy life on pause to care for her daughter. Hopefully, Kulture is back up and crawling around within a few days!