The conversation of who can claim the title of the greatest rapper of all time is one that has been a heated debate for what seems like forever now. As the 80's became the 90's, which set the stage for the 2000's and beyond, the question has become more unanswerable as time has marched on, with seemingly every hip-hop fan becoming very protective over who their pick might be. Now, one of the most popular living rappers has gone on record with her choice - one that may surprise a few people.

Cardi B, a woman who's proving to be far more than the one-hit wonder many pegged her as when she burst on the scene with 2017's "Bodak Yellow," was recently interviewed by Noisey and asked, among other things, who her pick would be for the title of the best emcee ever to ply his or her trade. Conventional wisdom may have suggested that her pick would be someone like Jay-Z, but Bardi surprised everyone by reaching even further back in time.

"I'm gonna go with Biggie," she said. "I would go with Jay-Z, but Jay-Z would go with Biggie. 2Pac is cool, but you know, I gotta keep it home." A somewhat stunning revelation, considering how high Jay's GOAT stock is trading at right now, after receiving multiple Grammy nominations for 4:44

Other highlights from the video include which she values more in life: sex, money or music. "Gonna go with sex... I need that," she replied. "Cause I could be broke, and I could be in silence, but I could still be getting f**ked, right? What's the point in having money if you can't have sex." A very fair point.