According to the rumour mill, Cardi B is pregnant with Offset's child and she's just not ready to talk about it. The Cardi Gang has been referringg to a photo of her in a matching tracksuit, claiming she looks about three to four months pregnant. 

TMZ recently caught up with miss Cardi while she was leaving her hotel in New York and the cameraman wasn't shy about asking her straight up if the rumours are true. Cardi just shakes her head and continues walking away. The only question she answers is about the All-Star weekend, where she admits that she's excited. When asked for a second time if she's pregnant she just ignores the question.

Earlier in the month, Cardi told a cameraman that she's “just getting fat" and to let her get "fat in peace.”

We recently posted on Cardi B getting some threatening comments on an Instagram post after she posted a pic of her in a blue coat with the caption "I hate wearing Flue but this coat was too poppin." The small detail of her saying "Flue" instead of "blue" is an easy way to diss the Crips and their favourite colour.

The comments she received urged her security team to be doubled for her visit to Los Angeles this weekend.