The "WAP" craze has dissipated in recent months, but Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion's megahit continues to be a social media sensation. The pair of artists came together during quarantine to deliver an explicit and controversial single that even had political pundits talking, and whether or not audiences approved of the lyrical content, "WAP" kept racking up numbers. Cardi recently admitted that Megan had been on her radar for some time but she was too nervous to reach out to the Houston Hottie.

"Megan came out and for like a whole year, I never interacted with her because I was like, I don't know," Cardi said while on iHeartRadio Presents SeeHer Hear Her: Celebrating Women in Music. "I'm too shy and everything. I feel like other artists are shy, too. Should I be cool with her? I don't know if she likes me."

"It's always about breaking the ice and always having a conversation and catching somebody at the right time. We linked up and she's just such a good vibe," Cardi continued. She added that this weekend, she'll be rooting for Meg at the Grammys as the Houston rapper is up for four nomination in categories including Best New Artist and Best Rap Song.

"I always want to see her win and I think she feels the same way about me, too," Cardi added. "And every single time I see her doing good, I just get so happy." As Megan Thee Stallion awaits her fate regarding her nominations, Cardi is preparing to perform at the award ceremony along with Lil Baby, Doja Cat, DaBaby, and many others.