Earlier today, Cardi B dropped off her first single of the year with "Be Careful." The song itself doesn't bang like "Bartier" or "Bodak" but it did show her in a more pop-centric light. Many fans took the song as a way of Cardi B airing out Offset and the cheating allegations that have surfaced over the past few months. However, it seems as if Cardi B is trying to clear the air about it and claims that the song is simply a song.

A fan tried to get at Offset in the comments of his last Instagram post about being "ungrateful" for having Cardi B by his side. "You got the hottest chick in the game rite now and treat her like this?!?! Its other n*ggas who would love to be with her and treat her better than you." The fan wrote.

Cardi B, who's never one to hold her tongue, clearly wasn't feeling that and decided to respond to the fan and clear the air that "Be Careful" is about her man. She explained that she makes music about different emotions and that music is a form of art and that it shouldn't be taken so literally. She later clarified that Offset wouldn't have encouraged her to release the song if it was airing out their dirty laundry.

Peep the post below.