The entertainment and music industry is starting to become affected by the spread of COVID-19 after it was revealed that Tom Hanks and his wife contracted it in Australia. Now, it looks as though musicians and record labels are beginning to lock down on their current plans, even delaying single and album releases as a direct result of the coronavirus.

Cardi B has been very vocal about her fear of the rapidly-spreading virus, ranting online about how she's considering a move to Antarctica to stay as far away from the real world as possible.

When one hungry fan asked her when her new music would be arriving, the rapper responded that it's actually been delayed indefinitely.

"It’s delay due to the virus," wrote the Bronx superstar.

Cardi B has been working hard on her second studio album, which is tentatively titled Tiger Woods, and fans are waiting on her to drop her next single from it. According to her, she's currently "pregnant" with a handful of hits so, instinctively, we want to hear what she's created so we can confirm or deny that allegation.

In the world of sports, the NBA season has been indefinitely suspended after it was reported that Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell of the Utah Jazz had contracted the virus. 

It's scary hours out here, guys. Wash your hands frequently.

Cardi B coronavirus
Theo Wargo/Getty Images