Cardi B continues to solidify her chokehold on the game. Yesterday, she revealed the title to her upcoming album Invasion Of Privacy, which no doubt speaks volumes on her current mentality. Within the meager span of one year, Cardi has become one of the most fervently covered new artists, attracting swarms of lovers, haters, and paparazzi in equal measure. While the increased fame is a good look for the "Bartier Cardi" rapper, it has also appeared to take a minor toll on her mental health. With her album dropping in the imminent future, it would appear that Cardi is feeling an amalgamation of mixed emotion. 

The rapper took to Twitter to address the Invasion Of Privacy speculation, taking aim at those plotting on her downfall. In short, she is in no mood for your sales predictions. "Please STOP! I’m already having bad anxiety," admits Cardi. "Let the shit drop and do what it do." At the risk of doing exactly what she doesn't want people to do, it seems highly likely that her debut album will have a massive opening week; In that regard, Cardi can probably rest easy. Yet she still seems intent on addressing the haters, and stands by her accomplishments with a valiant victory lap.

I will never let nobody discredit me ,before i sign to Atlantic i put 2 mixtapes out and i was pushing FOREVA by myself .I went to Renaissance HS for musical theater .I been love music," writes Cardi. "After high school i Stopped wanna know why ?cause music DONT PAY YOUR FUCKING BILLS A JOB DOES." 

Wise words. Stay tuned for Invasion Of Privacy, set to drop on April 6th. In the meantime, be wary of any tracklists you might see, unless they come from Bardi herself.