Cardi B finessed her way to success and honestly, she has a lot to be proud of. The 25-year-old is I-D magazine's latest cover star where the rapper talks about topics many of her fans have questions for and her past ambitions prior to her number of musical milestones.

“I thought I could be a history teacher one day, but what turned me off was when they told me what you get paid. I didn’t like that,” she told the publication. “And you know what else? A teacher also told me my English is not that good. She told me, ‘You need to speak a certain way.’” She explained how even to this day people troll her on her English but fired back with: "I understand what’s happening on CNN. A lot of people don’t understand, but I understand.”

Speaking on her Billboard success, she admitted that she had no idea she was the first woman to reach such great heights since 1998, taking the top spot over Lauryn Hill. "I didn’t know how important it was for the community or the minorities," she said on the success of "Bodak Yellow."

“Of course the success of people like me scares people, that’s why they belittle us,” she continued. “If you’re a little scrawny man raised in a trailer in Alabama somewhere, of course you’re scared right now. That’s why they own guns! They’re scared of the intelligence of the minority. They scared of that shit. We have broken these rules a lot of times. In America, I always look at the charts. Hip-hop is always there. We are controlling the music industry. We control the fashion world."

On the topic of pursuing the rap game, she admitted that she never planned to enter the ring because she had other responsibilities. “My personality saved me,” she said. “My personality was what got people watching me. I didn’t even want to be a rapper because I didn’t have no management, no money and I didn’t want to waste my time. I wasn’t even thinking about dreams. It’s hard to think about fulfilling your dream when you got so much responsibility. Your responsibilities come first. So I always had a realistic goal. I have so many friends that have been rapping their whole life and they never went nowhere, so what made me think that I could do it?”