Cardi B has been a vocal non-partisan speaker throughout the mess that's been Donald Trump's 35-day Government Shutdown. Had it not been for a memorable quip at the expense of a sunken Tomi Lahren, Cardi B wouldn't appear so intrinsic to the debate overall.

When Cardi B warned the Fox pundit that any further incitement in their once-active Twitter feud, would result in the BX rapper tying a leash to her neck. And so, the "Dog Walk" tagline was quickly jettisoned to a meme-factory - now central to the debate over the Government Shutdown, and the basis for her Twitter jaunt with Tomi Lahren

Now that Trump has effectively thrown the towel, ending the Government Shutdown with immediate, Cardi B is once again part of all the rah-rah. On the legislative front, it was Nancy Pelosi, a minority speaker in the House of Representatives with a forceful battle-cry, taking the fight to her longtime rival, President Trump.

So when Donald Trump conceded defeat in a State of the Union address at the Rose Bowl this afternoon, it was because Pelosi was unrelenting in her pursuit of justice, on her respective platform, while Cardi B handled the minions on social media "sleight of hand." The BX rapper confirmed it correct when a well-known American surgeon asked her whether Nancy Pelosi had "dog walked Trump" - she responded rather plainly with the type of radiance you could see from the Moon.