Miss Cardi B has been the tweet of the town as of late. First, the rumours of her fiance, Offset, cheating on her took off, then her response to the number of nude videos from her stripper days was a hot topic followed by her and her beau seemingly all good despite rumours of infidelity. 

After Cardi shared a live Instagram video of her and Offset getting up close and personal, some fans alluded that she as actually having sex with her man and sharing it for all to see. If you really watch the video, you can see that they are in fact just dry humping. The "Bartier Cardi" rapper must have been getting a lot of tweets her way because she's cleared up any and all rumours.

Of course, her next tweet reads lyrics from her "Motorsport" feature that pairs up perfectly with any alleged fans that may be giving her heat.

Just recently we posted on a possible upcoming collaboration between Kehlani and Cardi. The New York rapper thanked Kehlani for showing love to her music with a caption that ended with" "...i can’t wait till 😎."

We'll have to patiently wait to see what exactly Cardi is alluding to.