Another day, another clap back session over social media between Cardi B and her haters.

The outspoken rapper, known primarily for her hit single "Bodak Yellow," was at it again last night (October 25th), responding to those who threw some shade on her recent video where she and rapper boyfriend Offsetmade it rain at a strip club. With the music blaring and the dancers giving the couple a visual feast, there's no reason to suspect that Cardi has any regrets about dropping some stacks while she was there. However, those who follow her on social media didn't necessarily agree, questioning her spending habits and potentially her capacity for pragmatism overall. The rapper responded in the only way she knows how: bluntly.

"You know what I hate?" began the No. 1 hip-hop hitmaker. "I hate when people do videos throwing money at strippers or bartenders and people be like, 'Oh, what a waste of money. Why are you throwing money at strippers and s**t?" Far from being a waste in Cardi's mind, she went on to compare that expensive pass time to going to a concert or taking in some other form of live entertainment, relatively speaking of course. "I know when I was a stripper, I needed money," added Cardi, recalling her days as a dancer who became very popular at several clubs she found herself working at, long before fame and fortune in the rap game came calling. Even with all this off of her chest, she wasn't done.

"And another thing: I hate when public figures spend money on like jewelry, and cars, on something real flashy, and people be like, 'Oh, you could be helping people out with that,'" continued the rapper. "How do you know they're not helping other people out? It wouldn't be genuine if they post every time they help somebody out." She goes on to say that it would be "tacky" and overdone if celebrities showcased every good deed they had, potentially coming across as needy or insecure in the process. What do you think? Is Cardi in the right here or no? Let us know in the comments.