Cardi B has taken the notion of TMI and turned it onto its head. At this point, her entire branding can be considered "too much information." She may have titled her debut album Invasion of Privacy but with how candid she gets on social media, she's often the one responsible for shedding so much light onto her personal life. The Grammy-winning rapper took a trip to her esthetician's office to get some laser hair removal done... down there. Offset came along for the journey and she asked if he would be coming into the treatment room with her. When a fan commented that the hair removal wouldn't stop him from continually cheating on her, like he's done in the past, Cardi came through with a hilarious clap-back.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

"If she thinks that's gonna keep him from cheating, she wrong," commented one critic before Bardi offered her own response. "I just think is not going to make me feel like i have a mink coat down there," replied the superstar singer. "Nothin to do with a man Goddam." 

The comment was made on Baller Alert's repost of the video, with Cardi feeling the need to make her true intentions behind the procedure known. Offset was happily munching on some pizza in the waiting room and it's unclear whether or not he went in while she got lasered.