Cardi B caught a bit of heat after the launch of her Fashion Nova collection. While her designs sold out almost instantly, some fans were disappointed to hear that her designs weren't 100% original. Ashanti Sister, Keneshia Douglas, had revealed how one of her old designs seemed to have heavily inspired one of Cardi's matching sets. Although she took the copy mostly as a compliment, Cardi B came back in efforts to set the record straight.

According to the "Bodak Yellow" star, her collection took cues from many sources she loves, excluding Douglas: "I've said plenty of times that my life was inspired by many of my favorite designers! Including this one! Inspired by one of my favorite designers and good friends LaQuan Smith! Sweetie I don't know You!"

Many social media users still sided with Douglas, one of which snapped at Cardi while labeling Fashion Nova as "cheap": “Bitter bi#tches on here, when you work hard on something & your hard work gets ripped off you have all rights to be upset PERIODT! @liltuneshi girl fuck them your best revenge will be your success I like yours better."

Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Another commenter responded with some empathy for Douglas: “All these negative comments, and there’s literal proof that the design is similar almost identical to your design. I’m a designer myself, so I understand how it would feel to have designs stolen from you with no credit given. Originality always wins! Stay focused and use your God-given talent to the fullest! Inspire and shine on!”