Cardi B and Offset have been dealing with a lawsuit from a man named Giovanni Arnold who accused the couple of ordering his beat down after asking for an autograph from a then-pregnant Cardi B. The couple have been fighting this battle for a while but the "Press" rapper wants the case thrown out completely.

Amy Sussman/Getty Images

According to The Blast, Cardi B alleges that Giovanni Arnold has been taking his sweet ole' time turning over his medical records in the case and wants the suit thrown out. Arnold claimed to have sustained injuries on his face, neck, back and other places on his body following the alleged beat down. He said that three bodyguards attacked him.

Cardi claims that he's failed to turn over the medical records for the alleged injuries she requested months ago. She added that he hasn't shown any bills from the doctor or a therapist, nor has he actually provided a list of any alleged witnesses to corroborate his story. She wants the case tossed as well as attorney fees.

Cardi's previously denied all wrongdoing. Offset also accused Arnold of begging for his own beatdown in the situation, saying the man taunted him and "continued to yell taunts at Mr. Cephus such as 'Please beat me up' and 'I’ll take all your money.'"

We'll keep you posted on any updates.