To cap off what has been a most excellent last 12 months in her life, Cardi B got pampered like crazy on her 25th birthday.

After receiving some heartfelt messages of love from rapper boyfriend Offset, the "Bodak Yellow" songstress enjoyed what can only be described as arguably the best birthday she's ever had. Surrounded by friends and family, she got serenaded while two birthday cakes were all aglow from those giant sparkler candles. There was a moment where she looked like she was about to try and blow those candles out, until someone told her that it wasn't the best idea. Her response - "I can't blow" - sent the room into hysterics right after.

One of the gifts she copped on her birthday as well were a pair of Versace boots, whose knee-high design are supported by some generous heels on the sole. Slick and modern, these eye-catching footwear pieces are reminiscent of the boots that the titular character wears at the beginning of the film Pretty Woman. In fact, Cardi B bears more than a passing resemblance to Julia Roberts' role in that movie - a woman who is stuck working seedy gigs for no money until, one day, she hits the jackpot seemingly overnight. The difference is that the fictional character gets there because of a wealthy man who falls for her; Cardi, on the other hand, got there solely on her own merit, through hard work and dedication.

By now, the story of "Bodak Yellow" is known to many hip-hop fans who have watched the rapper's remarkable ascension in the ranks of the music industry. The song continues to hold its position as the No. 1 track in America, once again the crown jewel of the Billboard Hot 100 for the third week running. Her summer hit has fended off recent surges from Post Malone, J. Balvin and others to remain in the front of the pop culture conversation. With a year like this one, 25 will taste especially sweet to Cardi B.

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